This is a non active Screen Capture only

This is a non active Screen Capture only

The Users' Forum is comprises of a Discuss and Learn area divided into a number of sections, accessible via Channels.

Discuss is a chance for members to discuss APP, divided into The System (APP specific, how do I, why doesn't this work, enhancements etc) and Anything Else (Reporting, add-ons, exports etc) . The Posts from Old Site will disappear after a period of time.

Learn are documents that have been provided by the community and uploaded for your use divided into three sections, these will grow over time.

There is a section for User Group Documents, recent minutes from Regional and National meetings.

Finally Civica have provided their Top 20 support documents, you need to have an account with them as well to view these.

The Forum needs you, as a member to participate, please do, make it a success, ask any question no matter how basic or complex.

Please comment, comment, comment.  Thats what the user group is for, you and other users.

The Forum is fully featured take time to learn how it works.  More help is available here.

The functionality of this area is provided by MUUT.  They are the leading provider of discussion systems.  Their privacy policy is detailed here. There are 1.8m on  MUUT communities as at February 2016.  Their exhaustive help is available at their website.

For further support you can contact the User Group Web support here