Survey - All 2017 Delegates

Please consider answering the questions below, it really helps make the event better, each year. Each response is read and considered by the National Executive Committee.
Steven Law, Chair

Stoke Rochford Attendance *
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Conference / Learning Event *
Conference / Learning Event
Some Event Questions
All the Presentations were audible
All the Presentations were visible
The Presentations were at the right level for me
My Level of Understanding of APP has increased
I will be able to apply what I learnt at the event, back in the office
The event was good value
I intend to attend next year
What did you think of the catering *
Food and Refreshments
Accomodation (if residential)
How was the standard of your accommodation?
Have you any comments on the venue (Accommodation, Catering, Refreshments etc)
Do you have any ideas for improvements or things you'd like the User Group to cover in future events?
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