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You can apply for a new membership or renew an existing membership.  (subject to VAT at 20%)

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Membership Explained

It is an organisation (local authority or private sector) that becomes a member of the APP User Group.  In turn the organisation can nominate as many individuals as they wish to ensure their deployment of APP across the organisation is adequately represented.  Each individual needs to register with the Secretary to ensure they are included in our database and therefore gets the benefits of being a part of the User Group.  The organisation pays one membership fee, currently £125 per year regardless of how many staff register with the Secretary.  If your organisation is a member and you wish to register with the Secretary please complete the quick form below.

Why Join?

Get the best from your APP system 

Steven Law
Chair APP User Group

“Encouraging APP users regionally and nationally, acting as both advocate and challenger and always focussing on themes which drive collective system development in support of the delivery of real services. This User Group is an excellent asset and I highly recommend membership.”

“The User Group subscription is excellent value for money - especially as there is no limit on how many people, representing different disciplines or usages within the organisation, may be registered with us as part of the membership. Everyone, regardless of their level of experience, stands to gain through networking with other users, together with the support and influence of the User Group Executive”

Download the Membership Benefits Leaflet (May 2018)